“NOT Guilty”, My Ass!

 The verdict is in from the month-long Casey Anthony murder trial and I can’t believe it(I had to re-read it to make sure I was really seeing it) “NOT guilty!” I can’t believe it!! It’s like with OJ Simpson; she got away with murder yet everyone KNOWS he’s guilty!! The evidence was overwhelming against her; that she killed her 2 YR old Caylee, like the search for chloroform and neck breaking on her home computer, duct-tape over her nose and mouth matching that in the house(there was the thought put out there that she drowned and it was covered up, but HOW do you explain the duct-tape?), stickers  over  that with matching ones in the house, wrapped up in a blanket and in a gym bag from the house. Plus, the human decomposition in the back of the mom’s car along with overwhelming amounts of chloroform found….yet she walks away scot-free? How the HELL can they possibly dismiss all this and “explain” it all away? The skank was a whore and liked to go to bars, pick up guys and the kid interfered with her “party” lifestyle so she killed her. It’s so obvious. How could the jurors NOT see that; are they retarded or something? Do they have shit for brains? As well, how come the child was “missing” for a whole MONTH before the mother even reported it?(and only then once the grandparents started asking questions) In the meantime she was out partying and having the time of her life, not the way the mother of a missing  child would act! There is NO justice!!

What I don’t get is if she didn’t want a kid, why not just let her stay with the grandparents(who loved her) or give her up for adoption? She didn’t have to KILL her! Now she’s free to have more kids and kill them too when they cramp her lifestyle.It sickens me and I’m just so shocked, disgusted, sickened and mad. There is NO justice for this poor little girl. These are the kinds of people CPS should be after, but they get away with murder and CPS are too busy harrassing homeschoolers and parents of handicapped kids. It makes no sense.I am so mad I can hardly even type. The only “solace” is that in the end God will judge her and He cannot be fooled.She will pay.

A Shitty Day.

 You won’t believe our bad luck. This is typical. Yesterday the bookstore had shelves of books the girls like so we went back today to buy them but they were all gone; they had cleared them all out.It figures. Yesterday we got 3 of the books at first to see if they liked them and they read them all in a day and so today returned to get the rest. I just can’t BELIEVE our bad luck. NOTHING, I mean, nothing, can ever just work out for us and go right, big things or small things. I really and truly believe that we MUST be cursed with bad luck.Everything always works against us all the time!

On top of that, the 15 YR old is bitchy and is turning into my mother! She has been snooty, aloof, sullen, sneaky, and snotty for awhile now, but now she’s graduated to being just plain mean. The 4 YR old told the 8 YR old that she’d told him to hate her, that she’s bad and he’s to avoid and ignore her and to not play with her and stay away from her! How mean and uncalled-for is that? He happens to LIKE her; he’s always playing with her, waits for her, follows her around and if she isn’t there or won’t play he gets upset. I punished her for that cruelty(she lost computer and TV) as it is just plain mean trying to poison him against her, like how my mother turns my kids against me and it’s wrong and I won’t put up with it.If there’s anyone he should avoid it’s HER; she’s the weird one!(she’s the one I fear is trans-gender and dresses like a punk) There’s seriously something WRONG with that kid and truth be told it will be GOOD to have her out of the house for 3 weeks when she goes to camp! Who does she think she IS? She’s acting like my mean mother and it WON’T be tolerated! She has no right to tell him who to like or who to play with. I told him to just ignore her.I won’t have them being mean, leaving people out, bullying,being hateful or mean.I have been treated like that my whole life and I won’t see or allow it to happen to my kids.

As well, 3 days ago the 8 YR old stepped on a wasp and it kept getting worse; her whole foot swelled up all red and swollen and needed Benadryl for 3 days. Today it was finally back to normal…and today she stepped on a bee and got stung again; the same foot,so here we go again, all over again! I’m always telling her to wear shoes but she likes to go barefoot. All in all, a shitty day today.Life sucks.


The Hockey Game.

 When the 13 YR old bought a video game the other day they gave him a free loser hockey game as well. They couldn’t even PAY me to take it; they should have politely said,”No thanks” but what did they do? They took it of course, even though they have 100 other games they can play! I don’t want them to end up rednecks like their father; I want better for them; I don’t want them to be immoral OR losers, which isn’t too “much” to ask,and I try so hard trying to raise them right and with some culture and everyone just keeps fighting me  all the way! They KNOW how I feel about white trash things like hockey but my opinions and rules don’t matter or count.

I objected to them playing something so redneck(just as I also object to violent or graphic games but my hubby always over-rules me and lets them anyway; I have no authority) but of course I was over-ruled(as always) so I just hid the game! It’s in a place no one will ever find it. What else could I do when I was so blatantly ignored and disobeyed?Now the 16 YR old calls me “Klepto” and my hubby sneers this will cause a war of ongoing retaliation,that the kids will harrass and annoy me and for me NOT to come running to him as he won’t help me, etc. but that’s no different than normal; they always give me a hard time and he never supports me or backs me up,anyway! What else could I DO? I’m tired of always being ignored,dismissed, sabotaged and under-mined.I have no “say” in my own home or over my own kids.

Now my hubby also snickered to me, “I don’t see YOU taking them to the opera!” but there’s NO culture HERE in THIS hick-ass town! Their idea of “culture” is having a tail-gate party and when they hold festivals here it’s always loser uncultured stuff like fiddling, clogging and loser country music for all the rednecks here! You have to go to Toronto for culture, where they have many stage productions(I went to them years ago when I lived there) and ethnic festivals.There’s no “culture” here; I just DON’T want them to be rednecks! They can do better,and I’m sick and tired of always being disobeyed, under-mined,over-ruled, ganged-up on and having no support. I feel powerless, helpless and trapped.It’s like my hubby is determined to raise them white trash like he was and I will have none of it; there is a cultural divide between us.

On a side note I also find it kind of weird that my brother-in-law looks  almost exactly like the redneck version of Monaco’s Prince Albert!