Monaco’s Hostage Princess.

 I was shocked and surprised to hear when Monaco’s Prince Albert got married the other day that his bride had tried to flee getting married not only once but 3 times! She tried to escape Monaco but they took her passport so she couldn’t leave. She went to the South African embassy and begged them to help her leave, but they refused. They eventually came to some sort of agreement and got married but in the photos she never looks happy. A bride is usually beaming with joy on her wedding day, but photos show her crying(and not “happy” tears,either!) and the kiss looks forced.I feel so badly for her, and you’d think he’d be able to get a wife without holding her hostage! Fortunately for her the honeymoon is to be in South Africa(where she’s from) so hopefully once she’s back home she can just stay and annul the marriage.Poor Charlene; not the same in-love fairly-tale love story like Will and Kate! She is like the princess locked inside the ivory tower! Her official title is “Serene Highness Princess Charlene” but it should be “her Depressed Highness!”

Speaking of Prince William and Kate , I heard their advisors had advised them against going to the Calgary stampede rodeo, being that it’s rowdy, redneck and low-class, so they’re just going to the opening parade instead. Lucky for them; can you imagine how out of place, unsafe, and bored they’d feel there? William also tried loser hockey; I bet his first time ever doing something like that! I’ll bet  they couldn’t wait to leave! They also spent their scheduled day off visiting wildfire victims in Slave Lake, which I thought was kind and a nice gesture.