What I Love About Summer.

 I saw on another blog the author wrote what she likes about summer and so I decided to do my version: What I love about summer:

Getting time off homeschooling and the planning, time and stress that goes with it.

Swimming in our pool.

Sitting outside in the sun and tanning.

Listening to the buzzing wires.

Thunderstorms at night when I’m in bed.

Watching the chipmunks and squirrels.

Listening to the birds singing.

Feeling the breeze.

Laying on my back on the grass and staring up at the stars.

Fireworks in May and July.

Going to the “Ex.”

Smelling BBQ’s.

The smell of cut grass.

Being sprayed with the hose.


Long sunny hazy days.

Practically living outside all day.


The beach and the sand.

Going barefoot.

Sitting outside reading.

Weeping Willow trees.

Slushies, freezies and ice cream.

Air conditioning.

Picking fresh berries, still warm from the sun.

Being tanned a deep dark golden brown and looking healthy.

Toe nail polish.

Crocs, flip-flops and no socks.

The whirring sound of fans, reminding me of my childhood summers.

Hearing the laughter, play and fun of kids on the street.

Having a break from activities and events like Cubs, Cadets, etc.a quieter pace.


Memories of the cottage and camp as a kid and visiting relatives.


Lilacs and roses.

Picnic tables.