Clean And Clear!

 A week an a half ago the pool guys came and replaced the sand(all 300 pounds of it!) from the pool filter. They used some sort of hose to remove it. I was surprised it only took an hour! A couple of days later lo and behold the pool started to clear up! It was no longer cloudy and green but over a few days became a nice, clear, clean, sparkling blue once again! Hallelujah! Success!So I guess that’s what it was all along afterall; just the same dirty water being recirculated. Then yesterday it was murky and green again; we just can’t ever seem to get rid of the algae no matter what we do, but after it got “shocked” and I put algaecide in it looks blue again yet still a bit cloudy. In any case, a much bigger improvement, finally!

As well, 3 of the kids left for camp this week: the 12 YR old has a quilting and sewing camp for a week, and the 13 YR old has Cadets camp for 2 weeks and the 15 YR old has Cadets camp for 3 weeks. With 2 less teens around the house it’ll be  like a vacation for me as well…too bad they couldn’t bring the 16 YR old with them,too! Our priest Fr. P also left for his new assignment and we get a new priest next Sunday(also from Nigeria) and we’re going to the circus this week as well.