Family Secrets.

The recent family reunion got me thinking about how every family has it’s secrets(ours included) and that there are certain relatives you only speak of in hushed whispers and yet others that you don’t dare mention at all. Here are my family’s secrets which are fairly safe to expose here  since no one knows who we are anyway so their identities are safe.I think we have some pretty “colourful” characters in our family and I swear this is all true!….I have:

A relative who molested me from age 5-12.

Relatives who are in the Mob and live in Monaco.

A relative who put his girls thru female genital mutilation as kids  when they lived overseas.

A relative who had an affair with a married man and had a child.

A relative who left her young family as she was unable to cope and wanted more out of life.

A relative who was unable to have kids so she bought a kid and took him around the city on a bus and didn’t know what to do with a kid so she sent him back!

A relative who is a terrorist.

Relatives(brothers) who have all been in jail as they weren’t raised properly by their single dad and had no rules or discipline and ended up with bad friends.

A relative who was so messed-up after WWII that he tried to kill his wife and son and ended up in the looney bin the rest of his life until he died years later.

Various divorces and remarriages.

A relative who beat his 14 YR old son unconscious and he had to leave home that night, never to return.

Relatives(brothers) where one ended up a priest, one a cop,and another a rapist.


…this is all I can think of right now. How does it compare with the “skeletons” in YOUR family closet? Similar? Less? More? We all have ’em!!



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