A Day At The Circus.

 Yesterday my hubby and I took the younger kids to the circus; the older kids are either away and have summer jobs to pay for school or are at camp. My hubby(Mr. Last Minute) didn’t get the tickets online ahead of time like I’d asked(he always dawdles and leaves everything to the last minute which drives me nuts; I always plan far ahead) so we just showed up and were to get them at the gate(with my worried they’d be all sold out)….but it worked out this time as we just walked thru the door with everyone else and no one was even taking tickets so we got in for free! We didn’t purposely sneak in; it just worked out that way!

As far as circuses go it was pretty “tame” and not so oooh and aaah and death defying, but it was ok but I’ve seen better. My fave. is the Moscow Circus that I saw in Moscow back in the 80’s. This one also had only one ring like the Russian circus does and I prefer it to the usual 3 ring as too much is going on and with just one you can concentrate on that. They had comedy, high-wire rings, 2 elephants, 6 horses, and 8 dogs performing. The 4 YR old got bored and started playing with his DS game he’d brought instead. The elephants stink so bad as well I dubbed them “smellephants”. The souvenirs and food were waaaaay overpriced(like 4$ for a sno-cone or 20$ for a flashlight thingy) and luckily it was held in an arena so it was airconditioned(it was 30C and felt like 38C) and not under a tent like they often are, or we’d have sweltered to death it was so hot!

p.s. I like with the elephants how it looks like they’re holding hands; one will hold on to another’s tail with it’s trunk. I also mentioned to the 8 YR old how it’s obvious they were females and she goes,”Because they didn’t have huge hang-downs?” and I said,”Uh, I meant they didn’t have tusks!”