Punishment Enough.

 Remember the news story not too long ago about the 15 YR old that stole his dad’s van and went for a joy ride and when he was pulled over by a cop he panicked and took off, dragging the cop and then the van flipped over pinning him underneath, killing him? Well….now as a result of the accident the 15 YR old is now permanently paralyzed from the neck down; he’s a quadriplegic.He is also on a ventilator to breathe since his respiratory muscles are also paralyzed, meaning for the rest of his life he will most likely be confined to laying flat on his back staring up at the ceiling, only able to blink. If  THAT’S not a prison, I don’t know what is.A pretty severe life-long punishment and consequence for his actions I’d say.

Now they said they’re also charging him as an adult, which means a harsher sentence and he’s already been charged with first-degree murder,and in fact, up until this point he didn’t even know the policeman was killed.It wasn’t his intent to kill him; he just got scared and took off. Now a stupid youthful mistake has cost the cop his life and the teen HIS life as well, unable to move from the neck down. His life is basically over now as well.He might as well be dead and likely wishes he was. I can’t even imagine what his poor parents are going thru. 2 lives were forever taken and 2 families changed.

I don’t agree with them going to send the kid to jail though; I mean, he’s a “quad”; isn’t that punishment ENOUGH? Why put him in jail as well; he can’t exactly escape,and how would a jail even be equipped for his life-long specialized care? Are they able to accommodate him in a hospital setting complete with ventilator?He’d have to be cared for at a long-term care facility equipped with the proper staff. How many times does he have to be punished for what he did? I think being paralyzed for the rest of his life is enough; he’s only 15. Not to mention as well the fact that he also has to live with himself for the rest of his life as well; knowing that he’s responsible for killing a man. That alone  would have to weigh heavily on one’s conscience. That alone would be punishment, and he’s paralyzed as well. I think that’s enough. Show some mercy and compassion.What would Jesus do? Would He continue to heap punishment upon punishment upon a kid who just made a stupid mistake and make him pay for the rest of his life for it?Would He destroy him completely and utterly? He’s been punished by being paralyzed. What would also sending him to jail accomplish? His life is already basically over as it is.Even though what he did WAS wrong I still can’t help but feel sorry for him and he’s being vilified as well.