Back To Basics.

 On the news it said the city of Toronto has to cut back some 700 million $ so they have to cut back on services naturally, incl. less park grass cutting, snow removal, environmental groups,flouride in water, and subsidized daycare which I am glad to hear. This will force mothers to stay home and raise their own kids like they should be. I mean, why did they even HAVE kids if they’re just being raised by strangers? They were moaning and complaining what do they do with their kids, as if they’re unwanted burdens, and I thought, ‘Here’s a thought moron, how about stay home with them and actually be  a REAL mother?”

They said daycare can cost up to 80$ a DAY per child(and some had 2-3 kids!) so basically the family’s second salary(the mother’s) is pretty much all going towards daycare, and at the same time she’s at work away from her kids and the kids never see her. Now, if she stayed home they wouldn’t even “need” that second salary as they no longer have the expense of daycare, and even more important the kids have a mother home raising them, nurturing them,bonding with them, spending time with them, helping them to form close-knit family ties that just aren’t there when the kids being raised by others.It’s a win-win situation!

People are outraged and horrified that they’ll be eliminating subsidized daycare spots but I am over joyed! I have always strongly opposed it(having been subjected to it myself as a kid from age 6 weeks to 11 years) and this way it will help to create closer families, families where the kids and not careers are the priority,and they will find they will be better off for it, even if they needed that little “push”.So by eliminating the spots not only will the city save $$$$ but families will spend time with their kids and have stronger relationships,too!