One of my pet-peeves and what really rubs me the wrong way is how the military are portrayed as “heroes” and war is glorified.It’s that way in the news, people post on Facebook about it, and I live in an extremely pro-military town. My anti-war sentiment doesn’t go over too well here needless to say and doesn’t make me a very “popular” person. I have even been de-friended on FB for my pro-peace, anti-war stance.So be it.

I don’t know how they can call soldiers who invade and oppress other countries heroes. I don’t know how they can call them heroes when they kill innocent civilians. Last time I checked neither Iraq or Afghanistan was a threat to either us or to USA or to any other country that has it’s troops there. Sure Saddam Hussein wasn’t a good guy and the Taliban aren’t the “best” choice of gov’t but who are we to say? That should be left up to the Iraqis and Afghanis, not people of other countries. We should be like Switzerland and  be neutral and mind our own business.What really “gets” me is they call it a “Peace-keeping mission.” Yeah….”right”…. my ass! Since when is killing villagers, incl. women and children “peace-keeping?” hmmmm, sounds like war to me! They are NOT “heroes”; they are war mongers, oppressors and murderers. The only one that threatens our freedoms is our OWN gov’t with it’s intrusive politically-correct laws, banning, regulating and controlling everything. They are much more of a threat to us than Iraq or Afghanistan ever will be and the only reason the troops are even there: oil. They want to plunder their natural resources.Purely selfish, purely Imperialist.Not the actions of a hero.Mindless sheep following the herd and blindly and mindlessly doing as their gov’t commands them, like robot killers.They follow orders but don’t actually think of WHY and what they’re really doing. They don’t question and the ones that do end up committing suicide realizing what they’re really doing there and they can’t live with it.

It’s also hypocritical when so-called Christians are so pro-military and pro-war as well, esp. when Jesus was peaceful and never condoned violence, war , or killing; in fact, He didn’t even get involved in political disputes! How many times have the Jews urged Him to help them with Roman oppression but He wasn’t even political.He stayed out of it. He was neutral. He only spoke of teaching peace, love ,forgiveness,repentance,and God consciousness.How can followers of Christ claim to follow Him and support killing? It even said in the Bible(very clearly!) “Thou shall not kill.”They didn’t say “Thou shall not kill…except in war” or “Thou shall not kill….except Iraqis and Afghanis.” It was “Thou shall not kill.”Period.

People try and say the wars are to “protect our freedoms” but it’s NOT the same situation today like it was in WWII; the Nazis WERE trying to take over the world and had already invaded much of Europe(not to mention slaughtering millions of people for no good reason and the poor Jews never hurt anyone!) and had to be stopped.You can’t even compare it to the situation in the Middle East today, and the crap about all terrorism comes from there is just racist and that they’re “trying to turn everyone Islamist” is just ignorant and an excuse to wage war just because we don’t agree with their gov’t.and want to impose our will, our beliefs,and our Western way of life on them, even though they never asked.

I’m not surprised so many people in this town support the military though since they are a bunch of backwoods rednecks, and most people that join the military are as well, so I guess it makes sense; rednecks are aggressive and violent, fight, like to hunt, shoot,and kill things so this way join the military and they get PAID for doing it, plus the only way they can get to travel and see the world beyond the trailer park.I know my anti-military views aren’t “popular” and put me at odds with a lot of people but I don’t care. I am unapologetic. I am only for peace and will NOT condone oppressing, invading and killing people. They are not “heroes”; they are anti-heroes. A hero saves someone’s life( at risk to their own) they don’t wage war and take away innocent lives.Heroes aren’t killing machines. Heroes protect and save, they don’t kill and destroy.

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