The Holocaust Photo.

 The other day I came across a Holocaust photo on a newsite(not the infamous “Work makes you free” sign seen here; it was too graphic and heartbreaking for me to post here) and it left such a scarred imprint, such a haunting impression, it broke my heart an is one of those images you can never get out of your head. It was an old black and white photo showing women with babies and children, all lined up in a row, all naked, waiting to be shot.It’s esp. sad as you know what the outcome was, and as a mother it was even more distressing to me.I can’t see such horror and not be affected.

I imagined “What if that was me and my kids?” I know how terrified I would have felt. I would be frantic knowing my kids were about to die and that I couldn’t do anything to protect them or save them..As a fellow mother I felt a deep sympathy.The only “good” was that at least they would have died together, not leaving orphans without parents or mothers without their children. In the photo the children were clinging to their mothers and the mothers were holding them tight trying to comfort them. It brought me to tears. Never have I seen a photo that caused me to react like that. It was simply gut-wrenching and just tore my heart out. I haven’t been able to get the image out of my head. It’s one of those things that’s burned into your memory forever.It is the stuff of nightmares.