Wrinkly Old Fart.

 My friend and I have loved Paul McCartney ever since we were 12 years old.We liked The Beatles music but we loved Paul because of his good looks(shallow, I know!) but recently she told me she doesn’t love him anymore now he’s old and a “wrinkly old fart.” I laughed so hard but she’s right and now he’s 69 I feel the same way. He has lost his good looks and now has sagging jowls,wrinkles, and in a recent photo I thought it was an old woman!

I haven’t liked him for awhile though,regardless of his looks, once I found out what kind of a person he was, not a nice one, but a shit of a human being basically. I’d heard whispers that he was controlling and abusive to both his wives,that he took drugs and even smuggled marijuana into an airport in his son’s diaper(now that’s REALLY low!) and on top of that he’s one of those annoying zealous animal rights freaks I can’t stand. So, as it turns out he wouldn’t in reality even be the type of person I’d even want to marry(nevermind the fact that he doesn’t even know I walk the face of the earth!)it was just a youthful crush, but reality is quite different from dreams!

The same thing with Brad Pitt and George Clooney who I think as an adult are “hunks”, but Brad isn’t a good person: he smokes, drinks, and smokes up, doesn;’t believe in God,thinks gay “marriage” is ok, cheated on his ex-wife,and doesn’t think anything wrong with living together without being married, so the guy has no morals and lately he’s let his former good looks go too, with scruffy long hair and a scraggly beard. It’s the same with George Clooney; he’s still good looking(even more so as he ages) but he’s one of those selfish people who doesn’t want kids(most good-looking people are self-absorbed, superficial, shallow,bitchy,and amoral) and I also think he’s one of those “Blind Items” rumors where he’s secretly gay and only goes out with women to pretend to be straight, esp. since he’s 50 and still not married(and the good looking guys are usually gay,right?)….people in real life are never what they appear to be or what they seem at first, and it just goes to show how things and people change and that you have to base your attraction to someone on alot more than just looks! A nice looking face will only get you so far but there has to be something more, deeper and good looks are not enough.

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