The Good Samaritan.

 My hubby was a Good Samaritan. He saw a young man(looked like in his early 20’s) laying on the sidewalk on our street a couple of houses down from us. He was driving home and saw him laying there, with others just walking by him, pointing and laughing and ignoring him and just walking past, so he got out of the van and went over to him and called 9-1-1. He said he was semi-conscious and looked “wasted.” The ambulance came in just a minute, the fastest I’ve ever seen!(when I needed one years ago when I was hemmoraging prego it took 30 min. to arrive!) so it must have been close-by, and they came and assessed him and loaded him into the back and didn’t pull away until 15 min. or so, stabilizing him I suppose.

Seeing him laying there he had no idea what was wrong, just that he needed help.Afterall, laying on the sidewalk isn’t a normal thing; he could have been attacked, had a heart attack, fallen and hit his head, etc. who knows. Some teen girls came by and said he’s a crackhead(and there are alot of drug problems in this town, incl. at the highschool) and likely was just stoned, but how are we to know, and besides, he could still need help; could have hit his head when he passed out, or been dying of a drug overdose. It’s still best to call for help and let the paramedics decide. Imagine if you saw someone there and ignored him and didn’t call for help and he died because no one did anything? Even if he IS a crackhead he’s still a human being and needed help. I hope he’ll be ok…


The guy came by to thank my hubby for helping him. He said he was in the hospital overnight and has to see a specialist and that he’d had a mini-stroke! He said he could feel himself going down and many cars kept passing by and no one helped him until my hubby came by. That just makes me so MAD! How can people BE so cruel and heartless and just leave a guy laying there on the street like that? When my hubby asked him if he needed help he nodded that he did was looked happy when EMS arrived. I’m glad he’s ok; I had been thinking about him all night and all day today wondering how he was.My hubby said he “sounded wasted” but that was an incorrect assumption; he’d had a stoke. It just goes to show it’s always best to help because you never know.