Good Idea, Bad Idea.

Going along with a popular theme of “Good idea, bad idea.” Here goes, my version:

GOOD IDEA: Vacationing in Europe

BAD IDEA: Swimming to get there.


GOOD IDEA: Going to church

BAD IDEA: Going to church naked.


GOOD IDEA: Breastfeeding your baby.

BAD IDEA: Breastfeeding your baby underwater.


GOOD IDEA: Having a baby

BAD IDEA: Having a baby at 13.


GOOD IDEA: Eating soup.

BAD IDEA: Eating soup with a chopstick.


GOOD IDEA: Weighing yourself.

BAD IDEA: Weighing yourself having to use an elephant scale.


GOOD IDEA: Sitting outside.

BAD IDEA: Sitting outside in winter at -35 C.


GOOD IDEA: Having a picnic.

BAD IDEA: Having a picnic during a tornado.


GOOD IDEA: Climbing a tree.

BAD IDEA: Climbing a tree because a bear is chasing you.


GOOD IDEA: Picking fruit.

BAD IDEA: Picking fruit next to a hornet’s nest.


GOOD IDEA: Getting married.

BAD IDEA: Getting married to a relative.


GOOD IDEA: The military helping to evacuate in natural disasters.

BAD IDEA: The military killing innocent civilians overseas.


GOOD IDEA: Going on a trip.

BAD IDEA: Going on a trip but forgetting your passport.


GOOD IDEA: Naming your dog “Rover.”

BAD IDEA: Naming your kid “Rover.”


GOOD IDEA: Going to the bathroom when you wake up.

BAD IDEA: Going to the bathroom while you’re still asleep.


GOOD IDEA: Getting a love letter form a secret admirer.

BAD IDEA: Getting a love letter from a secret admirer in prison.


GOOD IDEA: Reading your diary.

BAD IDEA: Someone else reading your diary.


GOOD IDEA: Wearing goggles swimming.

BAD IDEA: Wearing goggles on the bus.


GOOD IDEA: Giving money to charity.

BAD IDEA: Giving someone else’s money to charity.


GOOD IDEA: Picking up trash.

BAD IDEA: Picking up white trash.


GOOD IDEA: Finding a mouse in a mousetrap.

BAD IDEA: Finding a mouse in your bed.


GOOD IDEA: Snorkelling in the ocean.

BAD IDEA: Snorkelling in your bathtub.


GOOD IDEA: Finding money.

BAD IDEA: Losing money.


GOOD IDEA: Breaking a record.

BAD IDEA: Breaking your leg.


GOOD IDEA:Taking a laxative before bed.

BAD IDEA:Taking  a laxative before a long flight.

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