The Pot-Bellied Pig.

 My 16 YR old informed me that he’d like to have a miniature pot-bellied pig for a pet.Can you believe it? Sure they are sort of cute and it would be a novel idea, but even  the dogs were so much trouble we had to get rid of them, so can you imagine what a farm animal would be like? The smell? The mess? He said he’d take care of it(keep it in his room, or what?) and feed it and whatnot but we all know how that would end after 1-2 months or so: just like with the dogs: I’d be the one stuck taking care of it!

He was so eager to have a pig for a pet he even researched it online, such as how to feed it, and checking out bylaws for keeping livestock(apparantly, according to him anyway, it’s allowable here) and checked ads and found something like 56 of them nearby selling pigs, incl. a 6 week old one(they claim is litter-box trained!) for 150$(which is cheaper than for a dog!) My hubby is dead-set against it, his decree clearly of “No more pets!” it is strictly forbidden in any shape,way, or form, and he was informed when he’s an adult and has his own place later he can get a pig or whatever else he wants(although his landlord might have an issue with that!!), but we’ve had enough of troublesome animals!

I joked that when we go to Ex to keep an eye on him and make sure he doesn’t sneak one of the piglets from the farm display and smuggle it home under his shirt and hide it in his room,and to listen on the news afterwards and see if they’re missing any pigs,and if so, to look in his bedroom for it(although his room is such a pigsty anyway even if it was hidden there you wouldn’t notice!)Imagine him thinking we’d actually LET him bring a PIG into the house?