Old New Neighbours,And New Old Neighbours.

 I was right the other day when I suspected the redneck neighbours next door were moving: they were bringing in lots of boxes and undid their above-ground pool and patio furniture. Yesterday they had a U-Haul truck there all day and were moving their stuff. They have been there 18 mos. in the rented slum next door.As they were moving they were out there cursing and fighting loudly, for all the street to hear.That’s the difference between regular people and rednecks: regular people fight inside their house with the doors closed but rednecks do it loudly in the street for all the neighbours to hear!

This gets a strange twist as well; I was speculating that the new people that move in will likely be losers as well just as they are and the people that lived there before them were; that house is a magnet for white trash! The weird thing is they told my hubby that the people that USED to live there before them(our old neighbours) are the ones moving back in! Apparantly the slum lord has financial difficulties now and they bought the house, so they’re moving back! They had originally told us before the other people moved in to be careful as they “steal things” so imagine my surprise when I saw the “old” neighbours going over there visiting them and helping them move, so they’re friends! I guess it was some sort of “test” to us; to see if we’d tell them what they said about them, but we didn’t.People truly baffle me with the things they do and the games they play.

My hubby was also raging at me for my comments about rednecks and saying it’s a “stereotype” etc, but they HAVE stereotypes for a reason, and in some cases they fit, such as here. I have seen enough of these people to know what they’re like; they’re trouble. He comes from a loser family himself though and always defends them. He snapped maybe they’ve “changed” but that’s highly unlikely; more likely end up like his nephews did; they were always in trouble as kids and just got worse as adults; they worked their way up into crime and ended up in jail! It’s just the way rednecks live; they fight, end up in jail, are known to the police, get drunk, take drugs, domestic abuse,are rowdy and loud, etc.and as it turns out I was right: the new neighbours(which are our old neighbours) did end up to be the same,afterall and my hubby and I will always be divided culturally.