I love Degrassi. It is my fave. show which is odd considering it’s Canadian and we all know most Canadian shows suck BIG time! I started watching the series back in the late 80’s as Degrassi Jr. High and then Degrassi High in the 90’s and now we have the most recent Degrassi The Next Generation.Most of my kids watch it too.

It is a show about the struggles of teens and school dynamics. It is realistic too and although they do many bad things and make bad choices(such as sex, drugs, drinking,abortion,gangs,,etc.) it ALSO shows the consequence of that, unlike many shows that just glorify the sin and make it look “cool” and popular. With Degrassi it shows what happens and that it’s NOT “cool”. It is also a good reminder of what goes on in public school, making us even more grateful that we homeschool and my kids avoid such situations yet can see what really happens. Normally it was on once a week but now for summer it’s on 4 days a week for about 6 weeks and then takes a break and generally comes back in February back to once a week.The only bad thing is it’s on until 21:30 and I’m always so tired staying up that late 4 nights a week; I’m normally in bed at 21:00. (Don’t laugh; I’m awake at 6am.)