The “new” neighbours were by yesterday.My mom frantically waved to them and yelled,”Welcome back!” and they gave her a funny look and I was embarrassed. The husband borrowed a measuring tape from my hubby and they were talking,and he told him that the house has no furnace, that the old one was oil and had asbestos and so the other people had that long harsh winter without  a furnace!(I hope they had space heaters!) I didn’t think it was legal to rent a house like that!(I wonder if their pipes froze?) It also looks pretty much exactly the same as the decrepit house pictured here, almost exact. He said everything is in disrepair.It looks like it should be condemned actually.

He said that they put in an offer to buy it from the slum lord(they rented before) on condition it passes a house inspection, yet I don’t see how it possibly CAN; I never saw the inside but from the outside it looks like a dumpster with windows. Paint is peeling, siding is coming off, fiberglass covers windows, things are falling apart and coming off, veranda railing has slats missing, etc. I’m pretty sure the home inspector will take one look at it and convulse laughing. It doesn’t look fit for human habitation and I expect the board of health will condemn it and it will have to be torn down. It is also an “eye-sore” on the street and the ONLY house that looks like that.The only good of it is it likely brings down the property value of OUR house right next door too,allowing us to have bought it at such a good price! It looks like it belongs in a Third World country and I can’t imagine people living like that.How can it NOT have a furnace? What the hell?