It was all over the news, how USA almost defaulted on their loans and how their gov’t were bickering like petty stubborn children instead of trying to come to an agreement that would benefit not only themselves but their entire country.They waited literally until the last minute. They currently owe 14 TRILLION$$$(I don’t even KNOW how many zeros are IN that!) and always chastise the average citizen about not going into debt or maxxing-out their credit cards and yet here they are….hypocrites.A good way they can save billions of $$$ is pull their troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan!

My son(who is taking Business at university) commented that obviously politicians are not economists. Did they even have any idea how critical this WAS? They would have defaulted on their loans and potentially went bankrupt(perhaps like what happened with Greece until the EU bailed them out) and would have lost their AAA credit-rating, and plunged the world economy into another Depression, affecting stock markets world-wide. How stupid is THAT? That’s too stupid even for them, to allow yourself to go into debt and bankruptcy when there is a way out.What a bunch of deadbeats!

The good of it is it makes OUR dollar go up in value(and is now currently 104.00$ compared to the USD) but it would also affect investments,trade, and possibly cause interest rates to go up. I just can’t get over how STUPID and last-minute and irresponsible they were!I am really and truly shaking my head in bewilderment and disbelief at this one. They have raised their debt-ceiling several times before….so what’s the big deal? It’s all just politics and their petty childish games came very close to jeopardizing many people. How could they BE so idiotic? It also indicates we are indeed moving closer to world economic collapse prophesized in the Bible during the Last Days, as well as increased famines(Somalia and Ethiopia), pestilences, natural disasters and unusual weather patterns.I somehow doubt this will “fix” things, just a temporary “Band-Aid” solution; they always seem to get deeper into debt, the greedy consumerist Capitalists that they are.