It Gets Worse….On The Inside.

 My hubby went inside the house next door. He said the neighbours invited him in. He said it looks even worse on the inside than on the outside, which has mold, rotting wood, peeling paint, siding coming off, fiberglass on the windows,etc. but the inside the walls looked like they’d been hacked with an axe and had huge holes in, and had scribbles on the walls like from a Sharpie, the carpets had been torn up. He said they told him it was in foreclosure.By the looks of it, they’d have to PAY them to take it! I can’t believe people actually LIVE like that and that the slum lord was able to rent a place like that! I’m sure they likely have cockroaches and rats as well.The disaster next door just keeps getting worse and worse but it’s an interesting source of entertainment and topic of conversation for us.