I Was A Communist Radical.

 A little-known fact few people(other than my family) knows about me is that I was once a Communist radical. Yes. Don’t laugh; it’s true. When I was 18, 19, and 20 years old I, like many young people, wanted to change the world. The injustice, oppression, poverty, and inequality and American Imperialism, Capitalism and world domination  really got me mad. Starving orphans and others in need made me heartsick(it still does) and I thought the Communist ideals where everyone has enough, no one goes without, there is no homelessness, and there is no poverty sounded like a good solution, but the problem was, that in real life when it’s applied practically it doesn’t work; in theory it looks good but not in actual practice.Communism also required complete State control.

I had a subscription to Socialist Worker newspaper, I had Pravda sent in from Russia(I even went to Russia in 1985) as well as other Soviet periodicals, I attended radical meetings and even a rally. I had a big Soviet flag in my bedroom and was an ardent Communist.I even voted for the NDP as Socialists they were the closest thing to Communist.I joked that I was probably even on a RCMP “watch” list as a subversive!

So what happened? I grew up and realized it wasn’t working and that I wasn’t going to be able to change anything.I saw the down-side of Communist systems such as abortions, long line ups for basic goods and short supply, and , despite it all, an “elite” class that had luxuries while others toiled hard for meager wages; inequality still existed.The State was oppressing it’s own people and freedoms were trampled in the process. God and religion was all but erased from society and it became godless and the faithful had to go “underground.” I went back to Church and got deeper into my faith and was better for it and a better Christian than I had been before. It was merely a youthful phase that I got over; my radical political career had ended. Now I am as Conservative as it gets. It’s funny how things(and people) change. I am still anti-war though and when I see ardent youth rallying and being political I smile thinking back to my days as a radical and I laugh and thinking,”They’ll learn…” I am hoping in the same way our 16 YR’s atheism is also a phase that HE’LL outgrow…