Bible Camp.

 The kids had Bible camp, also known as Vacation Bible School. They loved it and had a great time as always. They look forward to it every year. This year’s theme was “God is wild about you!” with panda bear mascots. They made crafts, played games, learned songs and dances and heard Bible stories. The younger kids went in the classes and  our teens were also leaders. They all had a lot of fun and I enjoyed the pageant they had at the end of the week.( I liked seeing teens there too and brought back memories for me as a teen and I felt a slight “envy” as well as they’re still young and have their entire lives ahead of them to find happiness and love).They’ll still be talking about it for the next few months!

I remember I used to go to Bible camp for 6 weeks all summer as a kid. When I was 16 I also snuck into a local VBS passing myself off as 12 and I looked young enough they believed it.I brought my neighbour friend who was 9 at the time. Never too “old” to love God! It is one of my most cherished childhood memories.