Back To School Soon.

 In 3 short weeks is back to homeschooling. We always start the day after Labour Day. We use a mixed curriculum which incl. Switched-On Schoolhouse CD ROM’s and Alpha-Omega for the highschoolers and Alpha-Omega, Spectrum phonics and language arts, Complete Mathsmart, and Alphaponics and “Little Patriots” series books and McGuffy readers for the younger grades. I teach the grades below highschool, except for math past grade 3 as I struggle with even that.We teach Bible, math, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, and reading.

This year, the youngest(who is only 4) starts grade 2 because he’s a little genius. He can already count as high as he can until he has to do something else, multiply and divide, read, name the planets, and identify and find countries on a map,etc. My hubby also got him the Saxon math which is the advanced PhD of homeschool math curriculum….waaaaay beyond my ability so either he exchanges it for an easier one or he can teach it himself; I have enough trouble with the easier ones! He might be able to do it but I can’t and I’m not “asking” for even more stress and frustration!

As well, we have a change this year, with me going on retreat to the ashram for an unspecified period of time(may be a month, to a year, or even longer) I won’t BE here to teach so my mother has to do it in my place until I return. (My hubby teaches the math and helps the highschoolers but he also has to work). That’s the thing about homeschooling; it’s flexible, as well as allows you to teach your morals and faith(they are censored and banned in public school) and the kids are free of school violence and bullying and inappropriate things they teach there like sex Ed, enviro indoctrination, occult,and other anti-godly things.Besides, it makes the kids smarter ,and more independent and more creative.Their friends have said they’re jealous and wish that they were homeschooled too. It’s NOT “easy”; I won’t lie, it’s hard work and many times I’ve been tempted to give up but it’s best for the kids and now we soon begin our 20th year. OMG, I can’t believe it; no wonder I need a break and it makes me feel so old!