Running Off To Join The Hare Krishnas?

 I still haven’t heard back from the ashram yet if they have a spot for me but I am hoping to go mid-September, once our 13 YR old has had his yearly cancer check up and to start the kids into 2 weeks of homeschooling routine before I pass it off onto my mother,plus our son is also coming for a visit next week and I want to see him!.My mother was disappointed thinking I’d be leaving “this month” but I have to hear back first and to get my saris I ordered(I got an e-mail saying they’ll be shipped out this week and arrive about 2 weeks later.)and I practiced pleating on a bedsheet and it actually worked, so I’m ready to wrap a sari! I’m excited just knowing it’s soon!

I am excited to go, like a kid excited about going away to camp. My hubby sarcastically chuckled to the kids I was going to join the Hare Krishnas now. Ha ha, very funny.(He also snarked being bald I “already have the right look.”) Everyone is welcome at the ashram and there’s no pressure to join.I have been reading their blog and am impressed how every month they bring hot meals to the homeless shelter. I will have no problems getting along with them either as they have the same high moral standards that I do.It will also be nice to be somewhat “sheltered” from the sin of the world and be among other pious austere,disciplined  people and it is a retreat as there’s no TV, computer, and I won’t be reading my magazines. It will solely be a quiet place for thinking, praying, study,spirituality,getting away from the world and the stress and worry of life, a break from routine, a nice cultural experience(almost like going to India and they serve Indian food, have Indian music and even have cooking classes!)and I will also be glad to be back in the city again and out of “Bumble-F*ck!” I need a break, a change, a new life, and some hope and optimism. I also need to distance myself from my toxic family and unhappy life.

I admit though I AM scared and nervous as I don’t know anyone(even though I’m sure they’re nice and will be welcoming) esp. with my Social Phobia. I will feel like my first day of school! I have mixed emotions and feel torn on it; sometimes I can’t wait to leave and other times(mainly at night) I’m glad I’m still here with the kids,but it’s something I definitely need and need to do. My son and cousin said that they “hope I find what I’m looking for”(she also added that with all the drama in my life that my “life is like a TV show” and that it’s “interesting” but that she “wouldn’t want it.”) Well, *I* don’t want it either; it’s one of the reasons I’m leaving! I just hope with MY “luck” that they don’t reject me or something, because I’m married and they only accept single people, or because all the spots are full, or whatever….I really NEED this to work out…

The Family Headache.

 The 12 YR old, 8 YR old and I all have what I call the “Family Headache.” Our heads are like barometers as we can always tell when it’s going to rain; the air pressure drops and all 3 of us get headaches. It never fails.(We get headaches when we fly from the pressure  too but that’s another story.) This headache is different than my usual blinding and immobilizing “brain tumour” headache; it feels differently and I can tell the difference. Even if the weather forecast doesn’t mention rain if we get the headache we KNOW it’s going to rain, and it always does. It’s the weirdest thing, but also very reliable in forecasting rain(so won’t leave home without an umbrella!)

As well, most of us are just getting over a summer cold.My cough ended up lasting 12 days in fact and I thought it would never go away.Leave it to us to catch a cold in the heat of summer.