“Gay-I-Fying” Ernie And Bert.

 I heard on the news that people are now petitioning Sesame Street to make their popular Muppets Ernie and Bert gay and to have them get “married.” This has got to be the stupidest thing I have ever heard. Why does the gay agenda always have to “gay-i-fy” everything and hijack everything? They’re friends, they’re roomates,some people even think they might be brothers; why do they have to make it perverted and unnecessary? Why make it into something it isn’t? The spokesman said they’re puppets; they’re sexless. Good for them!They’re not giving in to this ridiculousness. All this in-your-face propaganda and indoctrination to force acceptance of the gay lifestyle is disgusting. NOT everyone agrees with it and it shouldn’t be flaunted, glorified, and  shoved down society’s throat like that and be brainwashing kids.

I used to watch Sesame Street when I was in Kindergarten. It used to be good then, back in the 70’s. It taught kids counting and letters in a wholesome unbiased way. When my oldest started watching it in the early 90’s it had declined considerably. By then it had morphed into this Politically Correct brainwashing crap that touted feminism, sending kids off to daycare, career bitches, and environmentalism. Now the gays have joined the bandwagon and it’s no longer just  about learning your ABC’s and counting; it’s political activism and propaganda. For this reason my kids don’t watch it. It goes against our conservative Christian beliefs and is trying to force the ways of the world onto kids and now the gays want kids to think homosexuality is normal and ok too.There is really no reason that 4 and 5 YR olds need to be exposed to this so young.It’s just not appropriate or necessary.