Canada’s “Suckage” Knows No Limits.

 I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Canada sucks!More examples: after the rioting in the UK they have rounded up, arrested, been to trial, convicted and jailed thousands of hooligans already, over 1000 of them. In Vancouver, however, they have yet to make even ONE single arrest of the hockey losers that rioted 2 MONTHS ago.They have all kinds of excuses, incl. saying they have to send images to USA for “special analysis” and that can take 2 YEARS. Spare me. They’re inept here and we all know it. My guess is they expect people to act like rednecks and think nothing of it; no big deal(and afterall, what do you EXPECT from hockey trash), whereas in the UK they don’t put up with it and this will act as a deterrent to any future rioters.

As well, C Difficile has been found almost epidemic in several hospitals here and has killed several people. I guess they don’t clean well enough.Now you get even sicker if you go to the hospital.How ironic. They also said on the news a guy had this rare brain tumour and without surgery he’d die, except the problem was this shit-less country doesn’t perform it and he had to go to USA, but it cost 200 000$ so his family sold their home and had fundraisers, etc. and raised the $$$ and he had the surgery, but when they submitted in the bill for the gov’t to cover(they are supposed to fully re-imburse the cost of any medical procedure you have to get abroad if it’s not available here) they claimed it was an “elective”(non-necessary) surgery and refused to pay! Our healthcare sucks, the gov’t sucks, this country sucks.Major “suckage.” I wish I could leave, except I haven’t got the $$$ to move so all I can do now is is expose their idiocy and complain. 😦