The Help.

 I got the book “The Help”. I am now on page 70 and enjoying it.I had to go to the nearest bigger town 20 min. away to even find the book; they don’t sell it here in this backwoods redneck town; I guess they figure no one can read, ha ha. I was also surprised to hear on the radio that the movie based on the book won’t be released either here or in the bigger town either. I’m really not surprised. We never get ANYTHING good here and even when I did go see the latest Pirates Of The Caribbean movie it wasn’t in 3D like it was supposed to be, at least not here. I normally read the books first anyway before I see a movie and I generally like the books more as they give you more background and details that are often left out of the movie. I find you get more of the story in the book, plus you can compare and see how they changed things in the movie different from the book. I have always loved reading and when I get a good book I can’t even put it down. It takes me an average of 4hours to read a 500 page book.

Another good thing about going to the ashram soon is I get out of this godforsaken going nowhere hick-ass town. I hate it here, I really do,and I can’t wait to leave.The ashram is actually in a big city and I mean BIG city; at least 1 million people, not like here,and the funny thing is when I move there I will be coming around “full circle” as it’s where I was born and lived for 17 years! It will be kind of neat moving back where I grew up and have my happy childhood memories, and it’s a plus I know the streets and how to get around and use the public transit and where everything is and I can actually SHOP again,too! 🙂 I miss having places to go to; here all there is  is Walmart. Hardly a big thrill.In the city they have theatre, fine dining, all that city life has to offer and that I miss.