Out Of Gas!

 There has been a problem lately at several gas stations: they have run out of gas! Yes, that’s right, completely run out, like a Third World Country running out of resources! How can this happen? They said they were having problems at a refinery, so why then can’t they just import it from elsewhere? How can so many stations just run OUT? What does this say about the economy, now slipping further and further into a recession. People go to fill up and they see signs on the pumps saying gas is unavailable. We have already paid up to 1.30$ a litre which is bad enough…and now THIS? Yet another way Canada just sucks! The idiocy of this place never ceases to amaze and astound me.

As well, I heard on the news that we are running out of cancer drugs in this country too and for an “indefinite period.” How can this happen? How can you just run out? Poor planning on someone’s part; they should think ahead, people! Take inventory, know what you need, account for extra, keep track of what’s used and order more supply BEFORE you completely run out. It’s not that hard of a concept, whether it’s gas or cancer drugs.The stupidity of people truly stuns me.I think it’s a bunch of half-witted dolts running this country, and this economy.