My Passport.

 My passport expires soon so I am preparing to get another one and, unlike in other countries, here we don’t just simply “renew” it, we have to go thru the exact same process and re-apply all over again,incl. needing a guarantor and 2 references and sending in ID documents.Here it also only lasts for 5 years, not 10 like in USA and we’re not allowed to smile or have any facial expressions in the photo; it’s like a mug shot.I can’t believe this will be like my 6th passport already.They used to put kids on their mother’s passports if they were under age 16 but now even kids have to have to have their own(all our kids do) likely another way for the greedy gov’t to make more $$ that way.

So, the other day I went out and got a new photo done(now I’m still tanned and won’t look quite as ugly), but, of course, for me nothing is ever a simple straight forward  event or goes easy. I got to the place where they do them for only 10$ and of course with MY “luck” the person doing it wasn’t there and the clerk was puzzled and said she had no idea why; that this has never happened before. Typical. I hear this all the time; it’s always when I need something ends up being that unusual case or occurrance. So then I went elsewhere but they charged twice as much so I just left,loudly complaining  20$ for a passport photo was a rip-off esp. when elsewhere they do it for 10$.. Then I went to a third place and they only charged 15$ so I got it done.This is is my first one in colour too! I always got black and white before as it was cheaper but now they’re both the same. I hope they accept it; there always seems to be some problem with mine and they usually end up rejecting it and returning it for me to redo.I think only ONCE has it ever gone thru ok the first try.

Then I filled out the application and then realized I had put my name on the wrong place on the photo: underneath the line instead of above it. I’m so stupid. I always have such a hard time with things like this and they confuse me. I am such a fuck up.Often, I completely miss something and accidently leave it out and it has to be returned or I fill something out wrong. Nothing for me is ever easy and my life is so impaired.I’m also not sure what to fill in where it says “hair colour” being that I’m bald. Do I still write in brown, or do I write “bald?”

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