Poor Jack Layton!

 NDP leader Jack Layton just died of cancer. He was 61. He had been battling prostate cancer earlier but beat it, only to be diagnosed with a secondary(unnamed) cancer a few months ago and stepped down as leader of the NDP just 1-2 mos. ago to get treatment. This was so sudden. He had expected to get back when Parliament resumed in Sept(which I doubted as he looked so sick). but never made it. My guess is he had either liver or pancreatic cancer as they go quickly, usually within 3 mos. This is a shock as no one knew he was quite THAT sick so the news was sudden.

I am far from a fan of the Socialist NDP but I still feel badly. The poor guy.The sad thing is too he just got elected as leader of the Official Opposition in May but Parliament ended for the summer break and he was to resume in the fall but never made it so he got that far but wasn’t able to enjoy it. I also think the reason his party did as well as it did was mainly due to him and his personality and now he’s gone I wouldn’t be surprised if they slip back down to where they were before. I pray for him, esp. as he didn’t appear to be a God-fearing or religious  man(or at least not publically; we never know what’s secretly in a person’s heart), so he needs our prayers even more. He did care for social justice though so I hope that will score him “bonus” points to Heaven…

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