Let’s Go To The Ex!

 We went to the Ex and had a good day but it was so much walking, and alot of driving(many hours) and we were gone like 12 HRS so I’m exhausted and my feet, legs, and back just hurt so much and I’m all stiff and sore! The kids mainly went on the rides and I looked at the vendors in the buildings. I also got a free BP and pulse check and my BP is still high (163/96) and so was my pulse(102) when the average for BP is 120/80 and pulse in the 60’s. I’m officially medically stressed-out too. Big surprise.

I also saw a guy there who looked like Norman, a guy I loved when I was 15 and who knows, it very well might have been him; it WAS the same city! When I got my lunch a vendor also called me “Sir” and it’s not because I’m bald either as I was wearing a hat; I just look like a man in general. There was also a 5.8 earthquake as far away as Virginia and they were to have felt it where we were too but with the Ex always so loud and thumping I never noticed a thing! 🙂

We were thinking of stopping off at the ashram on the way there as well but decided against it as they don’t have any parking and we’re not even sure if it’s open for anyone to answer after all that anyway; my hubby will just phone them later.My hubby was also mad at me I went home so “early” even though I was so tired and sore I could hardly even walk anymore and as usual we fought during the long car ride which is why I hate going anywhere with him.

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