The Summer Of ’88.

 I saw a motorcycle and it made me think of Glen. I fell hard for him the summer of 1988, in August to be exact.(I had met my now-hubby that June too but we were just friends at the time) I was 21. He was 9 years older than me, 6 feet tall, an electrician and looked like James Dean. We met at the YMCA and he’d take me for rides on his motorcycle, we’d hang out at my house and at his, he took me dancing and we went to the beach and walked along the shore and sat up on a big rock and ate ice cream. I anxiously waited in anticipation every day for him to call. I couldn’t figure out why he’d even give someone like me the time of day.I couldn’t believe my luck!

I really liked him and was hoping he’d kiss me,although I was scared and nervous too as  didn’t have any experience with guys. (I even wondered what if would be like to have lost my virginity to him, but of course I didn’t and it was  wrong to want!) but sadly he never did; he only liked me as a friend. He was always criticizing me and telling me how to improve my looks, my hair, my clothes, etc. and trying to set me up with his friend who was a PhD in laser physics but was also the most arrogant person I have ever met! My fun with him only lasted that one month but I never forgot it or forgot him. The last I’d heard years ago he was shacking up with someone, but he wasn’t the right type to marry anyway; he didn’t want kids and he was always out every night at the gym and with his friends and wouldn’t have had time fora family but I still think of him the odd time, and I hope he’s happy and that he’s settled down and has a family.

My true love, however, I loved from age 16-20 and he only liked me as friend too. When I moved we wrote letters to eachother all the time and he even travelled 2 HRS to come visit me in the winter! When I told him one day how I felt, that I loved him(I honestly thought he was The One, and the one I would marry) he stopped all contact with me and I never heard from him again. I found out later he has a Masters degree now in Business and Finance and is most likely gay. Doesn’t it figure. When I tried to reconnect on Facebook(like I tried with many old friends, just to catch up) he blocked me. I never had much luck with guys! I’ve never had much luck with LIFE.

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