The Perfect Storm.

 We had a monster storm 2 nights ago! We even had a tornado watch. We never got the tornado but did get one of the biggest storms we’ve ever had! We had constant and loud thunder and lightening back-to-back and it lasted for 4 HRS.! (A typical thunderstorm lasts under an hour) and it was really close too: based on that old method of counting when you see lightening and how many seconds pass until you hear thunder  it shows you how many miles away it is; the thunder came right after the lightening with NO space at all in-between so it was right on top of us! It was non-stop and lit up the whole sky.People will be talking about this one for a long time!!

They said on the news that our province got a total of 70 000 lightening strikes over those few short hours and Toronto’s CN Tower got hit with lightening 75 times in an hour and it typically gets hit 75 times in a year! As well, 10 funnel clouds were spotted with 5 actual  tornadoes and the Ex even closed 2 HRS early at 9pm due to the tornado watch! This sure was one big-ass storm and it was so loud, with torrential rain.Trees were uprooted and winds were 100km/HR.It woke me up(started here around 11:20 pm) and kept on waking me up. It makes me wonder if it maybe has anything to do with the category 4 hurricane now churning in the Atlantic….speaking of which, I’m sure glad we were in the Caribbean in April and NOT now!! Whew!