“You Complain Alot!”

 “You complain alot!” That was what my brother-in-law posted on my Facebook page. He’s right, I do, BUT I also think with my life and everything I’ve been thru and am going thru that I merit the right to and that if he had my life he’d complain too! He also added that “having wonderful kids and travelling the world can’t be that tough a life” and then I felt insulted; that’s only what he sees on the outside; he has no idea of the turmoil on the inside, how much pain my heart secretly holds. Having kids and travelling doesn’t make one “immune” to unhappiness, either; just because you have kids and get to travel doesn’t guarantee happiness.They are not exclusive to one another.Anyone can be unhappy, and for various reasons.

After all my struggles, traumas, bad luck, depression,looks, etc. I think it’s entirely understandable that I complain and his comments sound like my mother’s; that I don’t have the “right” to be unhappy and to complain. She also gave me white chocolate which I have NEVER liked in my entire 44 years and she should KNOW this, but she doesn’t even know me and doesn’t even care enough to know. Of course as always she twisted it all around and turned it on to me and blamed me. She said she’s tired of hearing me always complain but how does she think “I* feel living it?

It just goes to show that no one REALLY knows what other people’s lives are really like and the inner struggles they face and what they go thru.Everyone has a “dark” side and things other people don’t know about them, their families,and their lives. Nothing is a guarantee of a happy life; like the movie stars; they’re beautiful, rich and famous and  have anything $$$$ can buy yet many of them are deeply unhappy people; something is missing from their lives. $$ and fame and fortune do not guarantee happiness. These are material things and that’s not what it’s all about. People don’t know others’ secret pain. On the outside it may look like you have it all, you might look happy, but inside you are dying. ANYONE has the “right” to be unhappy no matter how “fortunate” they may appear on the outside,and most often the people that complain the most are the most unhappy in life.

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