Our 15 YR Old!

The kids came across this picture and  it freaked us out as it looks EXACTLY like our 15 YR old, complete with the hair colour and style and the black Goth clothes. The problem is, however, is I was informed that this is a boy character. She’s always dressed like a boy and only liked boys’ things.It disturbs me greatly. I guess her plan was to make herself look like a certain anime character? I think it’s the freakiest thing to find this that looks just like her!

Fidel Castro.

 Whenever one hears about Cuban leader Fidel Castro(now ailing and his brother is in charge) it is always something negative, but when I hear or think about him it always comes to mind a certain article I read that portrays him as a compassionate and considerate family man, a sharp contradiction to what it normally reported:

Journalist Maria Shriver was to interview him many years ago and discovered it was to be on the day her daughter started Kindergarten. She was distressed by this as she wanted to be with her child on that day. Her boss was adamant that she couldn’t dare reschedule an interview with such a powerful and busy man and to do so would most certainly be the end of her career, but she took a chance and called Castro anyway and asked if he would consider rescheduling, and explained to him why.To her delight(and to the relief of her editor) he agreed, adding that family was the most important thing and he rescheduled. The story doesn’t end there though: later when she arrived for the interview the first thing he’d asked her was, “How was Kindergarten?” It was kind and thoughtful that he not only saw the importance and rescheduled but also remembered it and cared enough to bring it up the next time they met. It hardly sounds like a ruthless dictator to me, and just goes to shows that there are many “sides” to a person, and even someone portrayed as not-so-nice can have a good heart and a “soft” side that people may not know about.There is more to people than meets the eye.In all of us.