70’s America’s Top 40.

 Every Sunday for 3 HRS in the morning the radio station has a special show; the old Casey Kasem’s “America’s Top 40” show from the 70’s. Even though we’re not in America we get alot of their shows here. This show is an actual replay from the original show during the 70’s and each week we get a new year. Last Sunday’s was 1978. My fave. years for music(and life in general) were 1976-1979. I just love the Disco era and it brings back nostalgic memories; taking me back to a time(the 70’s when I was a kid) when I was happy. It was the only time in my life where I can honestly say I was happy. Pretty pathetic that I was only happy for 12 years,up to and incl. 1979. Listening to the 70’s music brings back happy memories and makes me feel like I’m a kid again.Almost as good as time travel, ha ha! When I’m in a particularly depressed mood I listen to old 70’s and 80’s songs from my childhood and teen years and the kids know I’m in bad shape and stay away.The happy memories soothe my soul and now memories are the only happiness that I have.