Tummy Ache!

For the past few months I have had bad abdomenal cramps and diarrhrea every 1-2 days and wonder if I maybe have colitis or maybe even colon cancer. Then last night my stomach pain got REALLY bad(along with a really bad lower back which I think must be connected) and it had felt like when the waistband of your pants is too tight but last night it was really bad and I was sweaty with the pain and wanted to scream. I couldn’t get to sleep well either as I sleep on my stomach and the pain prevented me from doing that and due to it I couldn’t lay on my right side either so had to lay on my left. I was also short of breath with the pain and thought for awhile there I might have to go to the ER but when I layed on my left side it subsided a bit so I could fall to sleep. I still have it now but less, more a crampy colicky pain.I also have an insane amount of gas!

The pain is worst right under my stomach and under my ribs on the right side, and when I touched there like the doctors do I winced with pain and it was swollen, tender and sore, so I’m thinking either liver(that would be my first guess since I HAD liver problems 4 YRS ago when I was prego and I also still have high BP, although my skin and whites of my eyes aren’t yellow like they were before and I haven’t lost weight or had intense itching all over my body like I did last time but I am so run-down tired I feel like I’m walking around in a daze) or appendix, gall bladder, or maybe even kidneys. I think appendix less likely though as I wasn’t vomiting and don’t have a fever,so I think gall bladder maybe the most likely esp. as it did worsen at night, appears to flare up more after I eat, and for the past 2 weeks I’ve felt like I always have a “lump” stuck in my throat, like a cat with a hairball. It’ll be interesting to see if it acts up again tonight when I’m in bed…..this sucks but I’m not going to wait 6 HRS or so in the ER for nothing, like if it’s just gas or indigestion or something! I want to be really sure.