My Pet Peeves.

 My Pet Peeves:

Not getting our usual seat in church:

I don’t know why this bugs me so much(it must be my OCD) but if we don’t get our regular seat in church every week I feel really agitated, mad,stressed, slighted and uneasy, even though there’s no logical reason for it and I know there’s enough seats and that we WILL always be able to find a seat somewhere, but it really annoys and unsettles me.I feel the anxiety building up every week until I see our spot is free and then I can relax and if I see someone else sitting there I get all mad and pissed off.

Enviro and animal freaks:

These people REALLY get on my nerves; going all zealous and crazy with their hug a tree crappola and treating animals like they’re people. Their indoctrination and propaganda annoys me to me end. I can’t stand them! They care more about the earth and about animals than they do about people and human life! The world is in a sorry place when people take more offence to being called an animal abuser than a child abuser!

Perky people:

Perky, happy, neverending cheerful people who are always bouncy and smiling make me want to strangle them.I just want to punch them right in the face.’Nuff said.

Waiting in lines:

I despise having to stand in lines and wait. It angers and frustrates me  and really pisses me off. I absolutely hate it and it is one my top ten things that  I detest.I won’t even go to a store if I have to wait in a long line.I’ll just come back later.

Bitches and whores:

Speaks for itself. I hate all the sin, and immorality in the world. It disgusts and angers me so many people scoff at and disregard  God and His Laws, and bitches and whores(that is, loose,easy women who sleep around) to me are the worst offenders as well as the same people that terrorized and bullied me in school. They are the worst.I feel the same about white trash too.

Things being left undone:

I hate it when things are left undone; a job that takes forever to complete, things being uncertain, late, cancelled,topsy-turvey(like when you’re moving and everything’s all scattered in your house in various boxes), when a project isn’t completed on time, when people are late or unreliable or irresponsible, when things aren’t done the way they should be and rules are broken. I need structure, security and reassurance that things will turn out ok. I have to know what how things will turn out and need things to be on time and to go the way they’re supposed to.If not I have a major anxiety and panic attack.

This reminds me:after 2 weeks hubby still hasn’t finished the porch carpet or fence even though he promised me he’d have it done over his holidays which ended a week ago and originally said it would only take a weekend, so I had enough of waiting and I finished off hammering the fence myself and it finally got done! Now he’s mad at me and yelled I did it all wrong(how can you possibly nail slats into a fence “wrong?”) and he ripped out all my hard work and screamed at me why didn’t I “do what I was told”(as if I’m one of the kids!!) when he DID tell me if I didn’t like the way he did it then to do it myself….so I DID! Having it take so long and being left undone was driving me crazy.Now he knows how *I* feel!