Back To School!

 Yesterday was my last day of “freedom” until June as today we resumed homeschooling! This YR we’re teaching 7 grades, from grade 2 up to grade 12. The highschool kids have all their subjects on CD ROM and the younger ones have workbooks and textbooks and from grade 4 have math on CD ROM. Our 2 oldest are in their 3rd and 4th year away at university as well. Homeschooling is best for the kids but it’s NOT “easy” and it takes dedication and patience but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Public school is NOT an option for us! We care too much about our kids, their safety, their faith,and their moral values for that!!

I heard on the news they polled highschool students in public school what is the most important thing for their school to have and I thought they’d say something like safe schools or healthy food in the cafeteria…but they had a lame answer: more blue boxes to recycle! This just proves that all they do there in public school is brainwash and indoctrinate the kids into environmentalism and Political Correctness agenda and propaganda.They are churning out mindless robots for the State that can’t think for themselves, have no moral compass, aren’t disciplined,and that follow the crowd and have no individuality or creativity. Kids know how how to hug trees, save whales,put condoms on bananas,get abortions,cast spells, march in the Gay Pride Parade,etc. but can’t read, write, locate countries on a map, or do math, and totally disregard God and His Laws. They would much rather volunteer at the animal shelter than at the homeless shelter. They are also taken away from their family and their values young(all-day Kindergarten here comes to mind) and indoctrinated by the State, not to mention the drugs,illicit sex, drinking, gangs, and violence in public schools. Homeschooling is a blessing. I am not glad summer is over and that we’re back to school but I AM glad it’s NOT public school!