The Mercy.

 I finished reading Beverly Lewis’ Amish themed book “The  Mercy” in 4 hours. It was the 3rd and last book in “The Rose Trilogy” series. I get new books of  hers every 6 months and eagerly await each one.She does each story in a series of 3 books. I like her Amish themed novels; of a Plain, simple and godly people, who live upright righteous lives free from the corruption and immorality of the modern-day world. I have always admired them and like to transport myself to a simpler time and setting while I read novels set in Amish farm country. If on schedule, I should expect the next book of  hers to be released in April.

I also got Lenny Kravitz’s new CD “Black And White America” which I have been listening to pretty much all for the entire past week since it was released. This year I was also lucky enough to get new Robbie Robertson, George Thorogood and Tom Petty CD releases! Generally I get one a year at the MOST,even going 2 years or more in-between CD’s and in the case of Robbie, it’s been 10 years or so since his last release! This year I really hit the jackpot, getting ALL 4 of my fave. artists releasing new CD’s! I almost shit myself!