Leg Warmers.

 I heard leg warmers are back! As much as people made fun of them I remember them well from the 1980’s. I had a wool burgundy pair then, originally made popular by ballet and other dancers(think of the movie and TV show “Fame.”) Back then we wore them generally over jeans. I fondly remember them and now I gleefully bought a new pair: this time a black pair,and here in the cold winter it’s entirely functional as well; it gets so cold we need them to warm our legs, even under skirts!

I was a teen in the 80’s and as well as the leg warmers I also remember other 80’s fashions and fads such as rubber bracelets, “jelly fish” shoes,big belts, slouch socks, neon flourescent clothing,scrunchies(for ponytails), “banana” clips,crimped hair, short ankle boots, dropped waists, ankle socks with flat shoes, baggy pants,  stirrup pants,acid washed  denim,vests, padded shoulders,”big” hair and jewellery, scratch and sniff stickers( we put in albums or on our school books and binders), Care Bears, Smurfs, Rainbow Brite, He-Man, Strawberry Shortcake, My Little Pony, Gremlins, Atari, Commodore Vic 20 computers, typewriters, VCR’s, cassette tapes, The Cosby Show, Journey, Rick Springfield, Judy Blume books, Back To The Future, Raiders Of The Lost Ark, ET,etc.. it was a “magical” time and I have nostalgic memories of it. Sure we dressed goofy then and I still laugh at old pictures but it brings back some good memories nevertheless and a time I had lots of fun!