Freakish Gloves.

 I have this ongoing problem with our 15 YR old for MONTHS about her wearing her freakish Goth Punk fingerless gloves(with skulls etc. on them) that are ridiculous and send the wrong message about her.They are Punk, Goth and weird and I have forbidden her from wearing them out in public but she contiinues to defy me. It got to the point I had to go in her room, gather them up and get rid of them as the only way to prevent her from wearing them  and force her to obey…but…

She has been overtly and blatantly defiant and still  sneaking them behind my back: the other day I saw her wearing it and when she saw me she looked startled and quickly took them off and shoved them in her pocket to hide it and when I asked her about it she lied and denied it; trying to make me think I was “seeing” things, but then by accident one of the other kids let it slip that she HAD indeed worn them out to the store the other day as well and that she has been secretly  sewing her own to replace the ones I got rid of. So, once again I searched her room and found them(well hidden) and got rid of them. I wonder if she’ll say anything to me about it; like asking if I got rid of them, but I somehow doubt it as that would be ADMITTING that I know, admitting she had been defying me and sneaking them(even to the point of making her own) all along, and then she’d be in BIG trouble!(It would be like a drug dealer calling the cops to say someone stole his stash; he couldn’t as he’s not supposed to have them in the first place!) If she’s smart she won’t say anything,and if she’s smarter she’ll learn from this and stop being so sneaky and defiant and stop making, sneaking and wearing them, and if she continues, I’ll continue to keep finding them and getting rid of them! Why can’t she just do as she’s TOLD? Why does she have to be so defiant? It starts with this, being disobedient and sneaky and then moves on to other, more serious things.(what next, drugs?) She has to learn to obey and not be doing what she wants (and is told not to) behind my back.This time I just removed them to let her know that I know and she isn’t fooling anyone, or getting away with it, but if there’s a next time she’ll be in REAL trouble….this has to stop now.She has to learn when a parent makes a rule it is not to be broken.


 FINALLY! The pool guys finally came to close up the pool for the fall and winter.They were here for 90 min. They put 3 shocks and 2 huge algaecides in as the algae got so bad it was REALLY green! Now I have until May for a rest from daily pool maintenance, expense and work. The porch is also finally done as well; it took 3 weeks even though my hubby originally said it would be done over a weekend! The porch carpet is on, the fences are put back and I painted the porch steps and it only took me an hour! It feels so good to have it all finally done; I HATE leaving things undone!

As well, we have a cricket in our basement(I can hear him chirping!) and saw a Monarch butterfly and the kids complain my incense “stinks up the whole house”. Our first week back to homeschooling went ok except I struggle with math and get so frustrated and mad as I just can’t do it. I never could, and if it weren’t for math I wouldn’t hate homeschooling; it ruins it for me, and then my hubby gets mad at me for being so stupid and yells at me and gets mad because I can’t do it so HE has to do it.

I was also infuriated to learn our 15 YR was dangerously and carelessly riding around in the BACK of a pick up truck(like a dumb redneck!) at camp! She should know better than that! She could have gotten thrown out and KILLED! This is most definitely the stupidest thing she’s ever done and should have used her head and told them no, she wasn’t going to do it, and I’m angry and shocked too camp would allow something so reckless! My mother always downplays, dismisses and discredits all my traumas, misfortunes and bad luck as well scoffing, “OTHER people have it WORSE!” never validating me or my feelings, and I told her, “No, just DIFFERENT!” I’m so sick of her always demeaning me.The clinic also called and switched our 13 YR old’s oncologist app’t from Tues. to the 27th(as the doc will be away) so I’m not so nervous now and get a little break until it starts building up again!