I’ve been following this incredible news story out of BC about an abducted 3 YR old boy. It happened Tuesday night where he was allegedly snatched out of his bed; the intruder went thru his bedroom window and stole him, yet no one saw or heard a thing and being one of 8 kids I seriously doubt he’d have his own room….so why didn’t anyone see or hear anything? Was the window left open, or smashed in? How could someone steal a child and no one notices? Wouldn’t he scream? Wouldn’t a family member hear the commotion and wake up? Wouldn’t a neighbour see someone run across the lawn with the child?

As well, it got me thinking something wasn’t right when I saw the child’s dad on the TV news being interviewed and he was calm and even had a little smile; certainly not the typical sobbing, crying distraught parent you’d expect from a missing child pleading for his safe return. He also said he had hope and that he knew he would be returned safely; almost as if he always knew ahead of time how this would turn out in the end. Was he somehow involved, I wonder? I am usually the LAST one to cast doubt or blame on parents(esp. as a parent myself and parents are always blamed for everything) but something seems VERY fishy here….he certainly didn’t look or act like a parent frantic and worried for his son’s safety, return, and very life!

Now I hear the wonderful news that he has been safely returned home, 5 days later and they suspect it was a local sex offender that had him. First of all very rarely are abducted and/or molested kids ever even found ALIVE, let alone returned home(at times they have been dropped off at gas stations or malls, to be found and returned later) and we was dropped off back at his OWN home too, in the middle of the night, following an anonymous 9-1-1 call to police dispatch telling them he would be returned home. Now, what I wonder is this: how could the abductor have gotten away with entering their home TWICE undetected, once to snatch the boy and then to return him? I mean, wouldn’t the house be under survellience by police 24 HRS manning the place?Plus, after the 9-1-1 call wouldn’t they have been there waiting and watching to catch the suspect? It was also odd that the family was NOT even home at the time(and the boy was returned alone to an empty home at 3am) where would they GO? Wouldn’t they be there 24 HRS a day watching and waiting for his return? Logically they wouldn’t leave during this time? Nothing about this, or the sequence of events, or the father’s reactions, makes any logical sense. I think there is alot more going on here. Something is fishy for sure and it just doesn’t add up….it will be interesting to see when the truth comes out and what more we learn about this case in the days to come….is it perhaps a hoax or a publicity stunt, like the “Balloon Boy?”

September 11, 10 Years Later.

 It was exactly 10 years ago today terrorists bombed NYC’s World Trade Center and the Pentagon in DC, killing thousands, making USA realize they are not invincible and making everyone in the world feel a little less safe now. Hard to believe it’s been 10 years already; it went by so fast! It was also one of those things where you remember exactly where you were when you heard the news(just like when the space shuttle Challenger exploded; I was in the kitchen cooking and heard it on the radio and yelled, “The space shuttle just blew up!”) I was getting my baby ready for a doc’s appt and the TV was on as I passed by and I saw the first plane hit the first of the Twin Towers and gasped to my mom nearby,”Holy shit! A plane just flew right into a building!” and then shortly after I saw the second one hit the second building I yelled, “Now ANOTHER one just flew into it,too! That’s no accident!” It was shocking, horrifying, numbing, disbelieving and stunning all at the same time.

Now there has been a credible new threat(of 3 car bombs) for NYC on this 10th year anniversary. I hope it’s not going to materialize; that it was merely a threat to rattle, unnerve and scare people, but quite honestly I’m actually surprised it’s gone this long in-between attacks and sort of expected one much sooner.(and killing bin Laden isn’t going to stop terrorism; it’s not like they’re just going to pack up and leave; they’ll just get a new leader) I’d also hope it would wake USA up and stop it’s war mongering in Iraq and Afghanistan and elsewhere meddling in other nation’s affairs,acting like the World’s Policeman  and creating enemies, but so far it hasn’t made any difference; it’s still just as arrogant and Imperialist as always(but don’t get me wrong NO ONE deserves what happened at the WTC, it just shows they have enemies and they’re not safe like they thought they were).It just goes to show that NO ONE is immune or safe. It can happen anywhere at any time.The world will never be the same and travel will never be the same. They used to say the Russians were the enemy, now they say the “Islamists”(that is to say, Arabs, who have all  been unfairly racially profiled as a result) are the enemy and using the “magic words” “War On Terror” people’s rights and freedoms are being erased in a New World Order that won’t stop the evils of terrorism, but will instead  eliminate democracy and freedom in the process, making us all less safe and free, partly due to terrorism and partly due to our own gov’ts.