Why I Read Tabloids.

 I admit it. I read tabloids(The Star and National Enquirer)It is my one guilty pleasure every week, my indulgence, my break from my reality and life. I like to “escape” into the glamorous world of movie stars, high fashion,and the rich and famous. I like to see how they live and for a short while to imagine myself like them. (Now most of them are completely amoral and morally bankrupt people; I don’t want to BE them, just be glamorous and live the Good Life!) With that I can” be” somewhere else and be in a different world.

I only read certain articles though; not cover to cover. I esp. like the tidbits, the fashions, beauty tips, crime stories, TV and movie updates,and photos of the mansions. I skip the boring “couples” news(I generally have no idea who most of these people even are,anyway!) and skip about the lame shows(and their stars) I don’t watch(such as those trashy reality shows like Big Brother, Jersey Shore, Real Housewives, The Bachelor,etc. and stupid shows like American Idol, Dancing With The Stars,etc.) and I skip articles about people where I have no idea who they are(generally either from redneck country music or soap operas, loser sports, lame-o reality shows or teeny-bopper singers.) I get “spoilers” for TV shows and upcoming movie reviews. I get to see glamorous evening gowns and beautiful homes. I get make up,clothing, and beauty styles and trends. Generally, reading the tabloids is the highlight of my week. Pretty pathetic, I know.