The Geese.

 The other day my mom and I were sitting outside when we saw a flock of Canada Geese fly by and a few seconds later noticed one lone goose flying by himself in the opposite direction and she said, “That must be the retarded one!” and I commented, “Let’s wait and see which ones are going the wrong way; let’s see who changes direction…” and sure enough a few seconds later it was the entire flock that changed course(after a series of honks from the lone goose) and ended up following the lone goose! As it turned out they were all wrong and he was right!

This is a good metaphor for life: it made me think about people; how everyone can be doing one thing and one lone person is going against it and doing something else entirely different…and the crowd can be wrong  and the individual one can be right. The crowd is NOT always right and following the crowd is not always the best idea. If you blindly follow the crowd you can be lead astray; in the wrong direction and be taken off course and be lost, or even worse. If someone is right and they stand up against the crowd they are doing the right thing; they are taking a stand going against everyone else,and in some cases, the others may even  see their truth and change their course and follow them. Right is right even if you are the only one doing it,and wrong is wrong even if everyone else is doing it! Don’t follow the herd! The majority is NOT always right!!

Mindless TV.

 I have always thought SpongeBob  Square Pants  was not only the ugliest thing I have ever seen(with it’s buck teeth, bug eyes and spindly arms and legs) and  annoying as hell, but stupid, mindless, and watching it dumbs kids down….and now a pediatric study has officially confirmed what I have always known: it does harm kids’ brains and dumbs them down! They did a study that showed after kids watched just 9 minutes of this mindless dribble they did poorly on tests but when compared to kids that watched Caillou, those ones scored well. I don’t let my kids watch it not wanting them dumbed down and they always hassled me over it but it turned out that I was right and that I’m not the only one that thinks so! Other kids’ shows I think dumb them down are Fairly Odd Parents, and Phineas And Ferb. I won’t let my kids watch it, but educational things instead.