What’s Old Is New Again.

 The other day I saw the 80’s movie “Footloose” had been re made into a more “modern” version. I saw the commercial and they ruined it; they dressed the girls to look like sluts and they did “dirty” dancing. The original was cleaner and I liked it(as well as the sound track which I still remember listening to on my Walkman as I was on a plane; it was either 1983 or 1984 I can’t remember exactly.) Why do they always have to do re- makes of everything lately? It really “gets” me; it’s like they don’t have any imagination or creativity anymore and have to re- make old movies rather than to make the effort of thinking up something new!

As well, I noticed they’ve re- made quite a few TV shows and movies, such as Straw Dogs, The Parent Trap, Cheaper By The Dozen, Charlie’s Angels, The Karate Kid,Dirty Dancing, etc. nothing is really new or unique anymore and why would I watch a re-make of something I’ve already seen years ago? It’s just stupid, “cheating” and pretty much just stealing someone else’s idea because they haven’t got any of their own! Get your OWN new ideas and make something different, people!