The Trap.

 We have this hanging wasp trap with a sticky sweet nectar inside and once the wasps fly in they’re trapped and can’t get out and they die. Now, there are always many wasps eagerly swarming around this trap, frantic to get in, hovering around in excitement, fighting with eachother desperate to fly in….but once they do, of course, it is the end of them.What attracted them ended up killing them; it wasn’t so great afterall!

It made me think: this is just like most people in the world today: they fall into the trap of sin. What they think looks so appealing, fun, popular, and they are excited to do in actual fact ends up being bad for them. Immorality such as inappropriate sex, drugs, drinking, smoking, gambling, partying,etc. looks enticing and they are drawn to it, eager to do it,competing with one another to do it,think it’s something gratifying, “cool”,desirable,and fun but is a danger; a trap of debauchery and evil in disguise, and it isn’t what they think it is. What they THINK is fun and they are so eager to do will destroy them. Just like the wasps. They are drawn to something dangerous and bad but in their” blindness” they think it’s good and they want it, but it ends up being bad and harmful, even killing them but by then it’s too late.Satan uses it as “bait”, just like the trap for the wasps, to snare people.

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