No Ashram.

 I just realized that yesterday was originally the day I was hoping to have gone to the ashram. I wasn’t able to as they were full and don’t see any vacancies in the foreseeable future. I also haven’t heard back from another one I e-mailed about 2 weeks ago(they’re not good with e-mail and I don’t have much luck with anything!) and I found a place in Mayapur, India(they had cooking classes,too!) that looked good except it only accepts initiated members of their religious faith, not people like me just looking for a spiritual retreat. So I continue to wait and set up my own “home ashram” complete with an altar in my bedroom with a nice cloth I got when I was in Egypt, along with incense, candles, water, flowers and devotional pictures and statues. Every morning before sunrise I get up and pray at my altar and pray the Rosary; my quiet sanctuary peaceful time of prayer and peace and serenity  before I start each new day!

As well, my mother has an infected cavity(she’s lost most of her teeth already) and what looks like an absess with a big lump on the side of her jaw she says is really painful(I can imagine; I had my infected Wisdom tooth extracted late last year) but she doesn’t have any dental coverage so all she can do is put a heating pad on her jaw and rub Anbesol on her tooth. I can tell the weather is “officially” cold now as well since my coconut oil has frozen into a solid white mass. When it’s hot it melts into a clear runny liquid, and when it’s in-between it’s a thick creamy white! It was 3C overnight and on the news they said in some parts of the country with higher elevation they even had flurries!

Our 15 YR old is also practicing CHRISTMAS songs on the piano,and I am wondering if the milk I have in my daily Smoothies is what might be causing the bad cramps and diarrhrea I’ve had for that past 3-4 months(the other day I had it 10 times!). I AM lactose intolerant(although I can have cheese, yogurt and ice cream, just not milk or real cream) but I thought just a LITTLE bit of milk might be ok, but maybe not! I was wondering at first if I might have maybe even had colitis or colon cancer but now this seems the most likely so I’ll eliminate it(substitute with soy milk) and see if it lets up. If not, I’ll try eliminating grains(gluten) from my diet and see if that might be it. By the process of elimination I hope I can find out what the culprit is!