The Man In The Shadows.

 My 8 YR old has had these bizarre rituals lately where whenever someone is loud or walks by that she “has” to spin around in circles so many times, and also “has” to stay under her covers in bed at night and when I asked what was going on she told me that she HAS to do it or “The Man In The Shadows” said she’ll die! The poor kid’s so scared and feels compelled to do these things. I asked her how long it’s been going on for and she said since last YEAR but it’s been getting worse and he’s been bothering her more lately! Needless to say it’s disturbing!!

I don’t know whether it’s simply a childhood obsession or “superstition”, OCD, a fantasy, her imagination, a demon harrassing her, a mental disorder(hearing “voices”), or what, but it scares her and distresses  and concerns me so I told her whenever he bothers her again to just pray to God and ask Him to take it away from her. I also blessed her and her room with holy water and compelled him to leave in the Name of Jesus(as I similarly scared away a “monster” once by spraying water) just in case it really IS some sort of evil spirit and  so she feels safe and secure and has some control over the situation. Afterwards she seemed to feel better and informed me that God “told” her(as a voice in her head) that He will “get rid” of it and since then said it has been bothering her less and I told her EVERY time it scares her(or anything scares or concerns her for that matter) that she should always pray to God and ask Him to help her and keep her safe.He is our loving Father and He wants us to feel safe and loved.