The Dolls.

 The other day our 10 YR old ordered a doll online(living here isolated in “Bumble-F*ck” we have to order everything we want and need online) and of course with OUR “luck” they sent us the wrong one(this sort of thing always happens to us and so much so I have just come to expect it now)so my hubby phoned them up and they said to just keep the wrong doll and that they’d send us out a replacement and give us a 10% discount on the cost and not charge us for shipping….

Well, yesterday the replacement doll came and wouldn’t you know: it was the exact SAME WRONG one they’d sent us before!(so now we had 2 of the same but not the one she’d ordered) What the hell? So he called them again and they had the nerve to blame US and accuse us of trying to “scam” them into getting free dolls by always claiming they’d sent us the wrong ones so we could keep it free, even though they DID: twice! So now they said to return it to them and they’ll send us out another one….yeah…right…we’ll send it back but I bet they’ll send the same one again! Seriously how STUPID can some people BE?

As well, my mother got stung by a wasp and her hand swelled up so much it’s all puffy and shiny and stretched out it looks like the skin will split open,seriously,(it’s so gross!) and my hubby snarked he thinks I’ll screw up and fail at the ashram and that they’ll kick me out! It sounds like he doesn’t WANT me to succeed, but I WILL! I need to do this,and I took 2 of the kids across Europe on my own before and it was ok,and even though I will be travelling all that way on my own I won’t really be “alone”; there will be hundreds of other people on the plane with me and at the ashram! It will be an adventure and an accomplishment!!