The Mouthwash.

 The other day I saw a commercial for the new Listerine alcohol-free mouthwash. Shortly after I noticed a bottle of Listerine in our bathroom and remembering the commercial(knowing some had alcohol in them) I read the ingredients and sure enough it DID contain alcohol,and it was the MAIN ingredient,too!(ingredients are listed on products in order from greatest to least). I was horrified and poured it into the toilet and  threw it out! Alcohol is bad, sinful,and not good for anything. It shouldn’t even touch our lips.I was shocked and mortified!

Of course my 16 and 13 YR olds were mocking and hassling me and saying how stupid and crazy I was to throw it out.My mother then bought a new alcohol-free mouthwash and they admitted it DID taste a lot better and wasn’t as strong, and even better: my hubby announced he had checked up on it and informed us that several places had actually BANNED the sale of mouthwash that contained alcohol because it was dangerous(even more so for kids) and that it had even caused mouth CANCER in kids! So, now all of a sudden my concern and tossing it out didn’t seen so “stupid” afterall, and they didn’t think I was so “crazy!”

As well, my mother showed me a birthday card she got for our soon-to-be 17 YR old and it was inappropriate making reference to alcohol(Tequila to be exact and she passed it off as ,”Oh, I thought it was a dance!”) so I threw that out too. Alcohol is bad. It’s not harmless or necessary to have fun ,to celebrate, or to be social. In fact, it is the cause of most of society’s ills, incl. drunk driving, bar fights, spousal and child abuse,addiction, lessened inhibitions(leading to permissive sex and adultery), alcohol poisoning, underage drinking, etc.For this reason it is condemned in the Bible and banned from our home. No good ever comes out of alcohol and if gov’ts and healthcare officials really cared about our health it would be outlawed.They are already heading that way with smoking, and alcohol is even worse!

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